Cutlist Workbench - What's New

Release 2

Release Date:
Client API Version: 0.9.1

This release was primarily focused on adding the ability to create and use user profiles — a long-promised feature. It also includes a bunch of minor improvements and bugfixes.

  1. Fixed a bug in the user interface that caused items removed from the component list to not be actually removed
  2. Added user sign-up, log in, and log out
  3. Added ability to save and load projects
  4. Added ability to save and load stock sets
  5. Added a form to submit feedback and a separate page for viewing and following up on previously submitted feedback
  6. Added an example project
  7. Added toast (notifications) log section
  8. Added paste-from-Excel functionality for component list
  9. Improved validation prior to cutlist generation
  10. Improved fit and finish
  11. Algorithm selector is disabled when only one option is available

Release 1

Release Date:
Client API Version: 0.9.0

This is the initial release of this (the third) iteration of the cutlist tool and the first under the Bland Ltd name. It is a from-scratch rewrite aimed at replacing all prior iterations. It is, generally, about as functional as the original tool. It includes some functionality that has not been exposed in the user interface. The intentention was to release a minimum viable product — it is not done.

  1. Full API client for interacting with the server; persisting, serializing, and deserializing objects; and basic support for all neccessary steps of the process
  2. A port of the original algorithm into this new framework
  3. Adaptive styling to support desktop, mobile, and print styling reasonably well